We had a good three nights in Orlando. The first night we payed the cover charge and got into the bar Howl at the moon. It was pretty good to be listening to the dueling pianos. Actually, it was mostly one piano at a time going and then the other guy would take to the drums, or something similar. It was pretty cool, but the evening was young, and we went out into the night before too long. We walked down the road and looked at people and pedi-cabs, along with ice cream and returning to the hotel. The next day, we got bus passes, and rode the trolley to the other end, and walked around before coming back to the hotel. We also did the Home and Garden Show in Orlando. Then we ate at Friendly’s along with going to Downtown Disney to hang out. My late night energy went down though, and we didn’t stay too late before heading back to the hotel. On Sunday, after the morning meal at Cattleman’s Restaurant, we went on to Old Town near Disney, it was interesting. I’d also been watching the events going on with the subtropical storm Beryl, and it was interesting how Jacksonville took the hit. It was only a tropical storm when it hit, but if you were affected, it might not be too comfoting. I hope that all involved were safe. We had dinner at Big Blue Fish the restaurant side of the improv comedy show, the service was slow, but I guess the bigger money was to be made by serving the drinks over at the comedy club side of the house. It was good though. We got 3 appetizers, and they were filling. We didn’t finish all of them. We left some of the hush puppies on the table. More ice cream, while listening to a few songs. Monday we came back to Tampa.

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