Last night we ate at Sweet Tomatoes

Last Night, we ate at Sweet Tomatoes, we used our cards explaining that due to surgeries we can only eat small portions, and as such, we should be able to get kids portions. Sweet Tomatoes is a buffet salad bar/pasta/ice cream place. We were only charged for two kids meals, which was more reasonable, not that prices are unreasonable at sweet tomatoes, but every little bit helps. We had small portions.

My wife saw some interesting bird feeders while up at Highlands, NC recently. They were plates affixed to a nut, affixed to a piece of rebar, with a decoration on top. So Fran got some plates, and PVC couplings, and a PVC length of pipe, along with some epoxy and decorative pieces on top. Because the white PVC probably won’t look as well, she also got some spray paint that supposedly does well on plastic is indoor/outdoor. When we are further along with the project, I’ll take/post pictures.


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