We had lunch at the Turf Club at Saratoga Springs in Disney

We had lunch at 4pm following some time when we listened to the british group British Revolution, which is a greater blend of music from Britain than the other group which performed mostly as a Beatles Tribute band. Lunch at the Turf Club Bar and Grill consisted of two cups of french onion soup which was presented very nice, and a platter of onion rings, along side two sweetened iced teas, followed by a cheesecake. It was enough. We agreed that the french onion soup was enough, the onion rings really was a bit much. Next time we may decide against the onion rings.

Previously, one of my co-workers had encouraged me to seek a job at Disney, even part time seasonal, as there are benefits to working there. My wife is less enthusiastic about donating some of her time to another cause.

Speaking of donating time to other causes. I’ve tried reaching out to the Children’s Hospital at Kings Daughters to enquire if they might be more aware of any state of the art developments with bringing computer mediated communications technologies to some disabled populations. I also tried opening up a chat with an apple store employee about my idea, and the response I got back was that I really should try contacting someone at corporate apple about that. I wanted an e-mail, as I believe my thoughts come across stronger when not bound by the slower delivery system of my slower speech, but I was informed, at least for the initial contact, I’d need to contact the corporate headquarters, which, I suppose I am not dead set against, perhaps something positive could happen from this.

I think calling the corporate headquarters, asking to be routed to someone who might be able to tell me if he is aware of any current projects/ programs going on with Computer Mediated Communication technologies (as relates to expanding the world of certain disabled persons) could lead down many dark alleyways, but what the heck, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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