We went to EPCOT

We drove over to EPCOT and drove back home today. There were several different tour groups from Brazil there today. One of the T-shirts advertzing the travel agency was http://www.abcinternational.com.br/. It was interesting to observe the tour groups taking in some of the musical acts that we were listening to. I guess the preferred language is Portuguese in Brazil.

There were also a couple of people with veils, indicating that they were recently married while we were walking around EPCOT. The expense of a wedding at Disney is considerable. I suppose that Disney can claim some pride in being pretty good at helping to make things memorable, if not exactly the most economical.
I liked the UK group British Revolution. We listened to two sets of music from them. We heard the first set of the Police Experience, a Police Tribute band, but I found that the amplification of the music was a bit much for my preferences, so we left after that. The Chinese Acrobats were good for what we saw, but I was running out of energy.
I’d think that many people would put up snippits of British Revolution on youtube.

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