TBI Survivor Marty #2

TBI Survivor Marty #2

First, about gushing about the Computer Mediated Communications phenomena, I guess there are differences when others perceive me, than when they perceive my written words. The written words tend to be more powerful in my opinion when they are separate from my delivery. I would tend to think that some people get impatient waiting for my delivery, when others seem not to have problems getting their thoughts out in a more smoothly flowing stream. I guess my stream is slower, and it can get off course rather easily. The written word is good because it allows me to package my ideas into a more solid ball, and others tend to read the words with their own voice, rather than mine. I am sure that other disabled people face similar obstacles to good productive communications, and it would be very cool if there could be more done to expose more people to the wonders of the written word and internet based exchange of ideas. For me, this started back around 1985 and my first computer, the Apple II c with a 300 baud modem, which enabled me to reach out and connect to several different Bulletin Board Systems at that time. I rejoiced in the prospect of communicating with others, engaging in deeper conversations through asynchronous communications. Today, the internet just has so much more information. But I think the asynchronous communications is cool. Pen Pals and writing is cool. I liked being able to gain access to dialog that I ordinarily would not be exposed to. I liked observing the back and forth of other people’s communication patterns.

Thank you.


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