TBI Survivor Marty #3

TBI Survivor Marty # 3.

I guess I’ve learned along the way that life can be thought of as a game. Much of the “point” behind the game is money management. Not spending more than one makes is a good general rule of thumb. Realize that there will be bills which need to be paid. Most people buy houses and cars with loans, and then make payments. Some people rent apartments or vehicles. I guess by renting, one is not “tied down to a particular place or vehicle for a very long time, but then too, equity or value is not built up, when one pays rent. Maybe part of what prevents more people from buying and building up value in what they buy is due to the fact that some people have poor credit histories, I’m not an expert here, so I’ll move on.

Another part of this game of life is figuring out what brings you happiness. For me, perhaps it is seeing other people being happy that energizes me. Maybe that is why I’m particularly fond of Disney World in Orlando, the happiest place on earth. It is just a slogan, and I’m pretty sure that it might not be the happiest place, but there are probably more happier people there than those who are not. I also get excited when I see that a light bulb has gone off and that a person discovers new knowledge.

I like adding to my understanding of what is happening around me.

I was very young when I had my accident, and I took advantage of state vocational rehabilitation programs to help me get trained so that I could find a job. I got my Master’s Degree in Library Science, after attaining an undergraduate degree fro Florida State University.

I then started working at the library of the Hospital as a temporary empl;oyee, but because I was touching computers, and helping to bring computers to the library, the service chief of the computer department offered me a full time permanent position working in that service. I’ve been employed there for 17 years and counting.

Thank you.


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