TBI Survivor Marty #4

TBI Survivor Marty #4

First, something should be said about my life as a game way of looking at things. Think of it as a role playing game, where the character grows. Participation is required. You generally don’t get the bonus experience for actions which you are not involved in. I guess I explain life in terms of a game because I used to play dungeons and dragons and I enjoyed the game. There are similar games today, characters can become more powerful and wield better weapons as they get more experience. Similarly, public speaking is a skill that one acquires. As there are more opportunities to practice, the skills get better. Making friends is probably similar. But I realize that for many traumatic brain injury survivors, there are probably barriers. I’ve spoken with some people who are in wheelchairs, and they express frustration how many times when they are in the wheelchair, many people tend to direct communication to the person who is pushing the wheelchair as opposed to the person who is in the chair. I guess some people aren’t comfortable when it comes to dealing with others who are outside of what they are used to. New experiences probably leads to extra bonus experience points being awarded.

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