TBI Survivor Marty #7

TBI Survivor Marty #7

As I compose this, there are a few social media networks around. Twitter, Facebook, and Google plus. Twitter is more for broadcasting short ideas out to others. It isn’t good at having a dialogue about ideas. Facebook is mostly for maintaining contacts with friends and family, and letting each other know about happenings in one’s life. Facebook has some uses for getting information out to people, but there are also downsides, I would suppose. Google plus is cooler. With google plus, you choose who you would like to follow. I started out by creating some circles for librarians, because I wanted to have some access to librarians, I discovered a list of about 300 or so librarians on it, and added them as a circle. Now not everyone is into sharing lots of details about what is going on in their lives, but there are also people that I’ve met through the use of google plus hangouts. Hanging out is a video chat with 10 people at a time, making use of computers and web cams. I also hang out with my Mom in North Carolina, and she likes to see me when I am down in Florida.
In my world of increased use of computer mediated communication being used axe a tool for helping people reconnect, I’d think that the Google plus way of social networking would be better than some other alternatives. Getting exposed to newer different ideas is really exciting. At least it was for me, back when I was for a large part of the time alone, surrounded by the four walls. Seeing so much other discussions going on, about bigger things was exciting for me. I’d like to think that my experience is not unique.

Thank You for listening.

TBI Survivor Marty #7 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YP4-3olrKCc


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