car tinting

We had a pretty good time at breakfast this morning, while we were dropping off the Passat for window tinting. Due to our smaller stomach pouch, we couldn’t eat two Sausage and Egg Cheese Croisandwiches. We each had about half of a sandwich. Chalk up the experience for next time. We then went walking for some time this morning, We arrived back at the window tinting place, and picked up the car. It was good. We went and drove around town. We have instructions to not roll down the windows for 3 days. We went looking for the Art on the water at Jackson’s Bistro, but due to parking difficulties, I decided against it. Then we went over to the beach, looking for the sandcastles, but as we didn’t find those we went up to countryside mall, and Fran went in to Home Goods and Kirklands, and we had lunch at Grillsmith. I had the meatloaf and two mashed potatoes. Fran had a 5 ounce Sirloin and one mashed potato, we both needed to go boxes. I should get one and a half more servings from it, maybe. Fran might get another serving. Fran says she wants to do some more exercising, walking, and maybe try to do a better job of not eating as many easy calories (snacks and such). I saw a Ukelele at a pawn shop as we were walking, and it sounded pretty nice. I didn’t get the instrument. It was less expensive. than a similar instrument at Sam Ash, but I’m not sure that I’ll get much more use out the Uke,
than toher instruments I have at the house. I lilt the Yamaha Guitalele, and the Esteban Guitar, they each sound different, and the Uke would have fewer strings, As far as milage goes on the interstate we might have gotten up to 47.3 mpg, but in mixed driving, it might have gone down to 40, according to the car’s fuel consumption computer. I saw that the fuel tank has about 18.5 gallons (70 liters) including 2.5 gallons held in reserve. I saw where Racetrack Gas Station had 4 Diesel pumps out of about 24 gas pumps.


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