New Technology Toys

Well, yesterday, we went to the John and Mable Ringling Museum down near Sarasota.  The circus museums were pretty neat.  We went as part of Free Museum day sponsored by Smithsonian Magazine.  Technology is pretty neat.  We’ve been looking at some small, light computers for Fran to use while sitting in the easy chair.  I’m thinking an ultrabook might be kind of nice, but I haven’t yet made the decision.  We did pick up a Brother laser printer, to replace the HP Office Jet.  The Office Jet is still a working thing, but the inks get to be pricey to replace.  I had a small amount of difficulty getting the printer working with my Mac initially, something about the Mountain Lion OS wasn’t supported by the drivers which came on the CD which shipped with the printer.  I loaded the printer on the laptop with Windows Vista, and it was able to go.  I downloaded the drivers from the Brother website for Mac OS 10.8 which was available from the website.  I suppose that once windows had gotten the printer working, it was easier for the Mac.  So, I was happy once that was working.  I liked that I had gotten a longer Cat 5 cable so that I could hook it up to my router.  The Mac is good for video.  I’ve not used a windows machine for assembling You Tube Clips yet, so I don’t have any comparison, but the Mac software integrates nicely with the hardware, and does a good job with software that has been included.   


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