Back From CT

It was nice to go up for a short visit.  We visited family.  We rediscovered why we don’t do winters well.  It was only October, and one night it supposedly got down to 28, although, on the radio, I think they referenced 22 degrees.  We were in the Hotel.  Mornings were chilly.  The rental car was nice.  It was a midsize, even though the we requested a compact, the guy at the rental counter encouraged us to spend a little bit more and what the heck, we did.  Maybe the compact car would have been as nice, we got a Toyota Camry.  We could have put suitcases in the back seat, but as it was we had a nice sized trunk.  The hotel was an interesting anecdote.  Fran initially didn’t want to stay at the hotel.  She didn’t want to check-in even though the reservations we made.  The hotel was in process of being upgraded.  As it turned out, the rooms were okay.  Construction was usually going on, so it was a bit dirty, and the neighborhood of being downtown New London was probably less than ideal.  When we were out walking around the small downtown area, it was nice.  I saw a couple of pawn shops.  I saw a Banjo at one pawn shop, and they wanted $125 for it.  I asked to see it, and it sounded nice.  I liked the fact that there did not seem  to be much effort required to depress the strings.  Of course, I wasn’t able to spend enough time noodling with the instrument.  There was a slight logistical problem of getting the Banjo back to Tampa, so that will be a future acquisition.  We didn’t stay out past 9 on any of the nights we were up there.  Inside of the room, it was adjustable to be comfortable.  The AC/heat unit was controlled by a wall mounted thermostat.  It wasn’t as reliable as the house thermostat, but it did well enough for the short time we were up at the hotel.  I think the prices for staying at the hotel were out of control, but my wife did the reservations, and I guess it’s a good thing.  The priceline hotel fee chopping guy probably did okay.  We don’t spend enough time travelling to really get a true feel for what the prices for accommodations are.  The travel industry might be interesting, but I’m not confident that I could do as well of a job at it, nor that I make as much money doing it as I do now.   


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