I got a new Goats on the Roof Tie Dye T-shirt

We stopped by Goats on the Roof, and I got a long sleeved tie dye T-shirt. It looks pretty cool I guess. Some people celebrate Mickey Mouse. I choose to provide advertising for Goats on the Roof. The T-shirt looks pretty cool I guess, and there is a silk screened design. I guess my purchase went to feed some of the goats and help keep the business afloat.

I don’t get the current political bickering about taxation levels, and the idea of hurting the economic engine of this country. I guess I can see how people want to be able to spend money they earn. The government sells future promises to repay loans. There are other buyers of our national debt. The reason we have operational deficits is because at some levels, a decision was made to not tax the population at levels which would fund the government. I guess it is good for the internationalism prevalent in the world, and as long as we are trading with one another, and buying things from each other, we are less likely to engage in acts of war against each other.

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