New headphone extension cord

I had a real nice Bose headphone set, but I wanted a longer extension. Fran my wife took me to Target, looking for the extension, but couldn’t find it, we then proceeded to Office Depot, and we looked for the extension there. One of the clerk guys showed me where he sort of thought it would be, and it wasn’t, so that guy suggested Radio Shack. So we went off to Radio Shack in the nearby mall. Radio Shack had the 3.5 mm male & female connection cord in the back, but at least they had it, I got it, and I think I’ll be happy with the flexibility to listen to music playing through my Macbook Pro.

For Christmas, I went with Fran and Mom and Dad up to Highlands, NC. It was nice. The town was pretty quiet. We had a real nice meal at some friends of Mom’s and Dad’s. We then ate a Christmas feast at the Highlands Country Club, for a charity benefitting the Hospital, or whatever other organizations were benefitting. It was also pretty nice.

Since we had the lap band surgeries, the amount that we can eat at one setting has been reduced. At buffets, it’s kind of sad, actually, we both know our limits, and we had plates with small amounts of food. Usually, we can take what we don’t eat home with us, and we have meals for the next day or week ahead portioned out for us.

I tend to do well mixing some mashed potatoes with meats, and sometimes gravies.

The trees were bare up in Highlands. I like the palms and the grass, and the green nature of vegetation down here in Florida. It was cold toward the end of the week. The temperatures were below freezing for much of the day. The ground was cold, and surfaces that had ice were very slick. Initially, the daytime temps were maybe upper 40’s. The day we went one run down the snow tube run it was warm, but they blew the snow earlier that morning, and it was good enough for the run. There was a moving sidewalk sort of thing which helped with climbing the hill. Ordinarily they try selling 2 hour blocks of time on the hill, but we only wanted a run, so we did it.

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