We saw BB King last night

Last night, we went to Ruth Eckerd Hall, and saw BB King, along with an opening act of Shaun Hopper. BB King was 87 years old. He probably played for about 2 hours. The opening act was about 40 minutes. During the opening act, one song was simply a version of “Hallelujah!” It was pretty neat. I guess the 4 syllables can be adapted and elongated to form rhythmic patterns. I thought about my own little musical instruments and the application of that song placed on top. It’s really neither here nor there, but none the less, interesting. BB King did a nice show with “Nobody Loves Me,” and “The Thrill Is Gone,” along with “You Are My Sunshine” and some others. He introduced the members of his band, and they were all pretty good. The music was pretty sweet. We enjoyed some people watching while we were at the concert.

We talked about how a musician tried to buy a seat for his guitar on a plane, but how the flight attendant wanted it in storage, and the instrument a 1950’s era guitar was damaged. Flying commercial on the airplane has limitations. We were commenting how Lucile BB’s guitar probably doesn’t go down into storage.


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