I am fortunate

Even though I have been through some difficult times, I do have an ability to write, and I suppose that I am good at communicating ideas.  A friend of the family says that I should write more about the experiences of TBI.  

I have a few people at work who I turn to for bouncing ideas off of, and to serve as reality checks for me.  Since Anxiety (irrational fear) is a common symptom that individuals with TBI often experience, I asked a co-worker, “To my way of thinking, fear is fear…  I should not really be required to distinguish between anxiety, and justifiable paranoia.”  Logically, I know that I should have many people at work who want to see me succeed.  

Humor is a good friend.  

I know that TBI takes many forms and in my case, remastery of many skills took a longer time than for some.  Different areas of the brain are different.  The types of brain injuries are also different.  Observing the Gabby Giffords scene was troubling.  But I am happy that she seems to be recovering.  I recognize that some people with mild head injuries can do well, but if there are repeated head injuries, it can get very bad, quickly.  I guess that’s why there tends not to be that many old boxers in good shape.  It is sad about the former NFL player’s family that wants to sue the league.


2 thoughts on “I am fortunate

  1. Kathy, the VA has nice benefits. Unfortunately, working with animals probably doesn’t pay very well. Working with animals probably doesn’t encourage a lot of writing. The VA does have nice policies toward allowing for annual leave use. One does not want to stay at a place JUST because they have a good sick leave policy, but having a supportive environment is a good thing.
    I have a neice who wants to work with horses. Still, healthcare is a concern. Hurting a shoulder can be particularly difficult.

  2. Hmm…actually, I have multiple disabilities that cause a great deal of difficulty in my work and home life, like hand speed/dexterity of a young child, can’t organize, can’t prioritize, Dyslexia, Asperger’s (which is a neurological disorder under the Autism umbrella), Sleep Apnea, etc. Recently, I started reading a book written by a young man with a TBI, and was amazed to find he has a number of symptoms that affect me, so now I’m wondering how much of my problems stem from that, and can it be treated at this late date, but I need to see a doctor to find out. I suspect my problems started at birth – I had a difficult birth, was without oxygen for a couple minutes, then was pulled out by forceps, and then had a TBI at age four, so it wasn’t like there was a lot to re-learn – it’s more like learning and functioning has always been difficult. Even so, like you, Marty, I’m not dumb, and I can write. There has to be some sort of niche that’s just perfect for me, somewhere in life…..I’m feeling unfulfilled here at the VA – I’m stuck at desk-type jobs, but I can’t organize or prioritize….I’m in school, Criminal Justice, trying to figure out a more suitable occupation….I grew up like this, and, like many disabled kids, got very attached to animals (they love back, and don’t care what you look like or what you can do well) – maybe Crimal Justice in the animal field….hmm, something to think about…..

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