Our cruise celebrating Dad’s upcoming 70th Birthday.

We had a great time on the cruise.  It was 2 weeks long.  We mostly did similar ports as we did the previous 2 week cruise out of Tampa, except I think we  didn’t stop at the isle of Dominica, possibly instead stopping at Saint Lucia.  I made more use of reading materials on board the ship at the library this time.  This time, we did more shows, with my parents in the evening, as opposed to listening to the piano player.  I read the book _Outliers_, by Malcolm Gladwell, about how each of us is fortunate.  And how the very lucky among us have the deck kind of stacked in their favor, just through opportunities afforded them.  I rather enjoyed reading through some of the obituaries in a collection from the New York Times of notable deaths.  Perhaps more could be done looking at deaths, helping to remember the lives lived, celebrating memories.  At the same time, I see how the Department of the Navy is doing a lot with social media.  I’d like for the VA to be doing more cool stuff with forward thinking projects.  Telling stories is one piece which I think could be done much better.  Providing framework around what is happening and giving a sense of what should happen next would be a good thing, in my opinion.      

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