Thoughts of mortality and Tympanoplasties and Mastoidectomy

When I was younger, I used to like swimming, I’ve had somewhere near 9 sets of tubes in my ears as I was younger.  On or about near my seventeenth year of life, I went to have Tympanoplasties (reconstruction of the ear drums).  My left ear was presumably bad such that the surgeon did a mastoidectomy to remove some of the infection laden passages.  I recently was curious as to how many other people had that procedure done, and there is at least one other guy who had the procedure done, and put up a picture of himself with the bandage around his head.

I’m sure that I had my head all bandaged up in a similar matter, and whatnot.

I’m now 41 years old, and my left ear ache has pretty much been eliminated, but I still experience significant drainage from my left ear.  I for the most part, lately have accepted that part of the maintenance routine is for me to see an ENT professional about every 6 months or so, if there’s no big issues.  Recently, I switched ENT’s and the new guy wants me to do ear drops for 2 weeks to hope to clear up drainage, which I sort of just regard as a chronic problem.  The antibiotics have gotten better since I started with this.  I guess I’m allergic to penicillin, so I am prescribed other antibiotics.  The drainage isn’t too much of a big deal to me.  But my wife seems to think it’s a bigger deal.  The ear pain is a big thing, but it usually doesn’t affect the left ear.  Lately, there have been a few times where there’s a pain in my right ear.  I try to stay on top of that with the ear drops, and keeping the ear pain free.

I am fortunate that there aren’t too many other complicating medical conditions with me.  There is the Traumatic Brain Injury, but I adapt, and keep trying to improve.

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