I like living in the consumerist United States.

I like that there are grocery stores at which most of us can go to, in order to choose foods from shelves.  So much of our society centers around making choices.  I like what one of my co-workers was told once, “It is a free country, you can do or not do just about anything.”  I guess there are consequences which go along with choices made.  The other night, we were at International Plaza, and people watching.  There were a number of women in tall heels.  Presumably, people went drinking after work, and as such, they dressed up in order to go drinking, maybe to be seen and admired.  We have gotten some foods, and some clothes lately.  I like the Dr. Shoale’s socks from Walmart.  I like the ankle socks.  Finding enough pairs of ankle socks can be tricky.  We’stopped at 4 walmarts, and a super target today while we were looking for a few items.    


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