Last week’s trip to Texas

We flew out of Tampa’s Airport on Friday, into Austin, TX.  I liked the Keep Austin Weird T shirt that I got as a souvenier.   I was kind of surprised that Tampa Airport has it’s own Paramedics truck.  I guess they also have their own fire department.  We mentioned to one of the flight attendants, and they acknowledged that it is a little bit more common than one might think.  Maybe it was low blood sugar related.  Who knows?  The flight was from Louisville to Tampa.  We had a good time in Texas.  We saw the bats bridge.  We didn’t see prairie chickens, nor did we see bison at the Attwater Prairie Chicken Preserve.  But that’s okay.  We saw some land set aside.  There isn’t much to do in New Ulm, Texas.  I guess the rural Texas life is different.  I’m not sure that I could do it, but hey, if it works for some people, it should be good.  The distance to get to places of employment is considerable.  I like living in Tampa, and being able to walk to and from work.    


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