Falling is really more embarassing than painful.

When I was walking from the prosthedontist’s office, I was bummed because this guy was probably going to end up costing a lot of money as well.  Well, the rain started to fall, I managed to get under an overhang near a bowling alley, and set the folder down, but where I set the folder down was getting wet by big margin, so I picked it back up.  The crease of the folder got wet and separated, my umbrella was not cooperating, and the rain stopped, so I started walking again.  The umbrella was being difficult, and somehow, I forgot that I needed to lift my foot in order to walk, so I ended up falling.  I skinned up my elbow, and my other hand, they should be okay in a couple of days.  My right leg kind of hurts, where I carry my wallet in my front pocket, I suppose.  The umbrella broke.  Oh well, umbrellas can be replaced far easier.  I ended up catching the bus back to the Yukon Transit Center, and then got on another bus to the University Area Transit Center, and walked home from there.  Fortunately, it wasn’t raining except for that little bit when I first left the prosthedontist’s office.  My wife was home when I got back, and she got out the hydrogen peroxide for cleaning the dirty areas, and the neosporin for speeding the healing process, and she put a couple of bandaids on them, and headed back to work.  I don’t think I was tired, just maybe a bit busy with the umbrella.  Oh well.

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