Ace Atkins Last Night

Ace Atkins at Inkwood Books in Tampa, was a pretty awesome experience.  He spoke a little bit about researching Parchment Prison in Mississippi.  The little bookstore is at a good location.  It is right across the street from the Greenwise marketplace of Publix in South Tampa.  I really really like meatloaf.  Well, the Greenwise marketplace has ground veal sold in one pound vacuum sealed packages.  I may get some meatloaf this weekend, yay for me! Back to Ace, he said that while he was at Parchment Prison, he saw the prison ministries where prisoners can become ordained, and can do the redemption thing.  We saw that the bars were nearby on South Howard.  I guess if we lived closer, maybe that could be a place to people watch.  In reality though, we don’t drink, so other than the live music, we wouldn’t really have a reason to go, except to watch people.  Ace is a reporter who started out in Tampa, he moved to Oxford, Mississippi — a college town. I guess there aren’t too many college towns in Mississippi.  For that matter, Florida is probably mostly older people, but there are some colleges, therefore college towns, with little pockets of government employment, and retail.  I guess girls become women, and have children, becoming mothers, and introducing new life, which leads to a need for schools, and various related stuff.  I wonder how the population is spread out in this country, but oh well.   


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