I am reminded of the fragility of life’s systems


On days such as this, I am reminded that many of our systems are inherently fragile. Well, not fragile in and of themselves, but given enough time and wear, even teeth eventually need replacement, or augmentation. In my case, I guess it will likely involve placing crowns on all of my teeth. The root structures appear to be healthy enough, from what I know. Panoramic X-rays images done at two separate prosthedontist’s offices which the dental insurance appears not to want to cover. I realize that going to different dentists offices requires different images to be taken. I was bummed that the first prosthedontist office wasn’t an in-network provider. I was referred by a separate dentist who I went to for a second opinion. The second prosthedontist was in network, but his X-rays were also not covered. The initial dentist’s office (a coast dental location in a rented space in a strip center) I went to had x-rays on films, and I much prefer the cool digital X-rays, displayable on a computer screen. Of course, technology probably is not free. I went to an endodontic specialist for a root canal, and saw the fancy digital X-rays. Having the ability to zoom in on a tooth, and the root structure was pretty cool. The in-network prosthedontist is located a few miles away from the house, so I need to get transportation (wife to drive me there). The insurance company hasn’t yet agreed to pre-authorize procedures done. But who really knows how things will shake out?
Eventually, Snowden will probably need healthcare, and dental work. If he is fortunate to live to a ripe old age.


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