Stuff at work

Stuff at work–Work is enjoyable to me, I see bits and pieces which I think could be changed, and I’ve made suggestions, which have been received well.  Some of my suggestions haven’t been incorporated yet.  I guess I am a young enough individual that I like the flat topography of the power structure when ideas are expressed through e-mail.    Maybe I can see why the bosses might prefer to not have the flat topography.

I’d really like to see a blog developed about how construction activities are aimed to improve lives of people at work.  I’m pretty sure that there are plans for the future which people could be more excited about if there was a better way of communicating this out to people.  In my opinion, people are willing to put up with more stuff, if there is a promise of a better, brighter future.  

Maybe it doesn’t really matter.  I did see where Palo Alto’s VA is communicating about construction through some web pages which I could see while at home, and that is pretty good, but it’s slightly discouraging to be admiring progress on the other side of the country, when there shouldn’t be sizable obstacles to be overcome here to doing similar cool things.  I guess everybody everywhere has bosses.

I am thankful to have a job that I can do.  I appreciate my co-workers.  I also appreciate middle management. 

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