No one likes, or at least no one that I know should like the pain of toothaches, or the sound of dental drills, or the anticipation of any of those occurrences. Well, I guess that I have the tentative start to the process scheduled. It has been a convoluted journey. I’ve been to a dentist who wanted to do 6 crowns on my front teeth, and I sought a second opinion, that dentist took one look in my mouth and knew that it was too complex for what he was able to do, so he referred me to a separate prosthedontist who made an occlusal orthotic device for me to wear for 3 months. Meanwhile, the dental insurance company says we would prefer you not go to this prosthedontist, please go to a different one. So, I scheduled initial appointments there as well, the dental insurance doesn’t want to cover X-rays taken at multiple places. The old bite-wing x-rays on films look quite lame when compared to some of the high tech capabilities of some of the newer x-ray technologies, and computer displays. (I’d seen the cool technologies before when I went to an endodontic specialist for root canal treatment.) Anyway, the treatment plan (this time) is extensive. And it will probably be expensive. Crown lengthening, the cutting away of the gum to expose more tooth so that more tooth can be secured, just sounds like an unpleasant experience. The impressions probably aren’t a big deal, Then it will most likely be another 6 weeks or so until I’m ready to get the first half of teeth replaced with crowns. I guess a lot of the dental x-rays, and using technology that individual dentist offices have bought is about having the possession of the records. I don’t really get how the affordable care act can limit the out of pocket procedures that can be done. The limits I saw, just on the news would be less than just what this first half of the dental work proposed is going to cost me out of pocket. I do like that I have a nice dental insurance plan where I work, but it will still be expensive. I’m hoping that there won’t be significant amounts of pain.

Most dental procedures don’t require hospitalization.  Paying for the support staff of a hospital is possibly where much of the expense comes from.  That, and possibly the new gee-whiz Super-X-Ray thingamabobbiter scanner device that Doctor Whatshisname wants.

I guess my father doesn’t want to see me be taken advantage of.  The Traumatic Brain Injury led to teeth grinding.  13 years or so ago, the dentist at that time, wanted to put vaneers on my teeth, which I regarded as a temporary solution.  I went to a different dentist.  Now the teeth are needing large numbers of crowns.  The structures (x-rays) appeared healthy, the dentist did say that extractions and implanted posts and false teeth on the implanted posts might be a cheaper route, but I was a bit young to be considering that route.  And besides, extractions sound painful as well. 

2 thoughts on “Dental

  1. I’m not big into shopping around for different dental opinions. I liked the nearby dentist option. Then I got referred to a distant prosthedontist, and then I was told by my plan that he wasn’t an in network provider, so I had to go a bit farther away, this guy wants to do more painful stuff, but I guess it will yield a good result. Crown lengthening seems painful. Youtube has videos of crown lengthening.

  2. Dental insurance is necessary as it helps to solve financial burden at some extent. One thing I noticed from your post that you should take different dentist suggestion/consultancy which help us lot to take final decision.

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