Last night, I was near my goal of 10,000 steps on a daily basis.  I usually don’t hit that mark, but with the nearest restroom quite some distance from my workspace, I frequently am close.  So, I told my wife that I’d like to go to the nearby mall to get some more steps in.  It is more pleasant walking inside of the mall, than walking outside in the heat.  Then my wife wanted to know what I wanted to do for dinner.  I informed her that Chili’s would be nice, so we went there, I placed an order for country fried steak with 2 mashed potatoes, instead of one mashed, and one corn on the cob.  We split the country fried steak, and each had about half.  It was filling.  We did the Chili’s Curbside to go, and took it home to eat.  This morning for Brunch, I had a crepe-eggs order from First Watch, a breakfast place here in Tampa.  We went walking at a different mall nearby.  We picked up some cupcakes from Sweet Treats on the way home.  

We have discovered that since bariatric surgery (lap-band) going out to eat sometimes can be complicated, but usually, we just end up not eating all of the entrees and sides, when we do go out.  Most of the time, we eat out of small portion controlled containers.


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