A good day at Tarpon Springs

Yesterday was a good day at Tarpon Springs, even though we were just walking around the sponge docks, my wife picked me up a Tie Dye T-shirt with Hippie Fest Tarpon Springs emblazoned across it.  That was good, and I got a little steel drum pan, which probably isn’t the same, but it is similar enough.  I wanted to locate some Robert Rothchild’s Farms Chocolate Dipping Pretzels, and even though I found some of the sauces at a stall at the market, I didn’t locate the dipping pretzels.  We also got some veggies from Tuesday Morning, and some veggies from Lowe’s.  We moved the tubs with potting soil in them so they could get some more sunlight in our back yard.

We’ll see how things do.  

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