thinking about paying debts

  1. Can you imagine the seniors calling ted yoho’s office to complain? Late social security payments.

  2. ted yoho wanted P44 to tell creditors, you will get paid, you may just not get paid today. I would like to see that national address.

    I kid when I say that I’d like to see that address, but I would think that P44 could possibly use the bully pulpit to cause some discomfort, if he so chose.  Ted Yoho seems like a nice enough guy.  Perhaps he isn’t aware that this has been going on for quite awhile.  Wait.  He should know that this has been going on.  Of course, some people probably don’t have much savings built up.  Seniors in particular.  I’d like to think that the shutdown won’t last too long.  I guess I have skills which could be useful in other ways, if need be, but working for the government is a good enough job.

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