After getting new crowns

After getting new crowns across the top of my mouth, the first thing I wanted was a large Checker’s Seasoned Fries.  They are also known as Rally’s Seasoned Fries, I believe that you can find a bag of seasoned fries at some grocery stores as well.  The bag of make at home fries are probably more economical, but the nearby Checker’s was close, and the fries were a tangible reward.  It is good that I don’t regularly make a habit of getting the seasoned fries.  They are good, but probably extra calories.  I’ll soon get back on program as far as eating goes, but after being cautious about what I could eat, it feels nice to have more ability to eat a wider variety of foods.  

I mentioned to a physicians assistant who retired from my place of work that I was having extensive dental work done, and he said that there is evidence that having teeth (presumably versus not) adds 5 to 7 years of quality life to the life expectancy.  I don’t think that the whole affordable care act addressed dental care.  Granted, the Federal Employees Health Benefit started offering dental policies at reasonable rates (I guess), but I don’t know about the healthcare exchanges.  I guess that before, if one was a member of the union at work, one could get dental insurance, but I’m not sure about that, and how it sorts out on a cost-benefit scale.  

The process of getting crowns across the whole arch (uppers) was extensive.  There was a dental lab right at the prosthedontist’s office.  I am a bit concerned about eating some stuff, after trying to eat with some temporary bridges, when the bridges fell out.  I’ve been told that the permanent cement most likely won’t fall out easily.  Still, they advise against salt water taffy for a few days.  

There appears to still be some sensitivity to a mouthful of cold milk, it’s drinkable as long as I’m not surrounding my teeth with it.  A person at the dental office said the sensitivity to cold may continue for a few more days.

It is a good day. 


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