We saw a co-worker of mine at Sam Ash today

I’m pretty sure that I had a dream about running into that very same co-worker, last year some time, maybe a few years prior.  Oh well, water under the bridge.  I was looking at a ukelele, and kind of liking how the baritone uke sounded, but wasn’t yet ready to spend the money on it.  I did mention how I thought the musical instrument collection might be interesting to take over to the VA, if I can be successful in advocating for a little bit of space to be used for my little computer lab/musical instrument room.  Perhaps I am thinking more of a longer term successful rehabilitation, population than what is likely to be typical, but I think the four string baritone ukelele sounds pretty special.  Some people could be frustrated by music, but I believe that music has some abilities to help people think a little bit differently.  That was why I really liked the MacBook Pro over the other available options, and even though I’m not using garage band as much as I enjoyed it to begin with, now I’ve been thinking about other stringed instruments.


Who knows if anything will come of my desire to advocate for expanding the focus of rehabilitation for some patients?  I am aware that there has been big progress made for many.  It would be good if a better job could be done telling the stories of successes.  Perhaps the skill sets aren’t focused on telling the stories about the successes.  

The hospital has had several patient care areas transformed, and moved to other places, functions have changed, and people have changed, the hospital keeps on keeping on, and evolving through processes.


Life continues. 


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