Dad says dealing with insurance companies is a game

I dislike the game of dealing with insurance companies.  I dislike that they misrepresent what they will cover.  I dislike that the practice tries to pressure me to pay for things at a rate which is above the pre-negotiated savings that my dental plan supposedly had worked out.  I dislike that I will need to ask my dental office to write letters to the insurance company laying out the reasons for the decisions that were made.  I dislike that the customer service folks are the ones who handle concerns, but written correspondence from the doctor gets reviewed by other doctors and responded to by a different process.  I dislike that there is a 3 card Monty game going on where I am worried about what the insurance will cover, and they keep moving that red queen around.  I worry about my dentist getting paid for services rendered, I tried to explain as it was explained to me the reasons that the decisions were made to pursue this course of treatment.  Supposedly, the dental offices do this all of the time.  So, why are they pressuring me?  I guess I can understand that it is easier to get money from the patient than from the insurance company.  The insurance company has already gotten money from me.  Now I guess they don’t want to pay.  It is frustrating to have to ask that the dentist write a letter to the insurance company detailing why steps were taken.  

I get that there is an upside to having one’s teeth in one’s head for as long as possible.  I get that there are downsides to having one’s teeth removed.  The insurance company is paying for some of the procedures, so perhaps after they get a letter from the dentist, explaining why things needed to happen in the way that they did, money will get paid.  I would think that the dental office could have already done this, but who knows?  I suppose that it has not been done because if it had, I probably would not be under this pressure to pay the dental practice.  

Being able to eat solid foods is a good thing.  Not being able to eat some foods was a bad experience.  Having concerns that if one ate something, a temporary bridge might come loose was an uncomfortable feeling.          


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