Perspectives on Money as Expense and Value


Money is important. It is reflective of and useful in how we determine worth and value in our society. Values are assigned to things like gallons of milk, to pounds of coffee, to gasoline, to computers, to houses, real-estate, or rent. Also people generally choose to accept being paid for their time performing jobs, with various pricing schedules and rewards promised in retirement. Many people won’t make it to full retirement working for one company, but some will.

Perhaps these central ideas were taken into account by President Obama and his many advisers when he was trying to put together the comprehensive package called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. I think a much better job could have been attempted to communicate these ideas to many of the people in the country. I’ve recently gone looking for articles about the health insurance situation, and the studies done seem to indicate that people with health insurance do better.

The uninsured tend not to benefit from regular check-ups, and following by healthcare professionals. Diabetes is a serious condition caused by sugars in the bloodstream when the pancreas cannot keep up with the production of insulin, or something similar and causes spikes and crashes in blood sugar levels. Some people with Diabetes go blind, or loose limbs due to poor circulation.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act isn’t very comprehensive, since it just attempts to lower the cost structure of insurance by expanding the numbers of insured individuals. It is a starting point. Hopefully, the insurance companies will be able to survive with the new regulations, and prohibition of denying coverage for pre-existing conditions. I am pretty sure that the businesses will be able to continue.

We are not moving toward universal coverage, at this time. We are hoping that private companies can provide reasonable coverage for more people in society. Having people select from insurance plans is daunting when there are choices at work. I suppose that it can be even more complicated when dealing with larger numbers of insurance companies.

Part of the difficulty behind wanting to have the younger people enroll is that they want to be able to make comparisons via web enabled smart phones.and who knows how much information is actually conveyable through that format.

Having insurance companies come to our place of work to respond to questions was nice, but with other smaller employers, it is probable that it is more confusing. Being able to talk to other co-workers is also important, but I’m not sure how much of the conversation goes on around financial matters.


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