TBI and throwing up.

Reading from part of the journal which was kept around the time of my accident, I guess there was a good amount of throwing up.  That led to the dental problems with my front teeth which required getting some crowns.  I am happy that I went to the prosthodontist who developed a more extensive plan.  The backs of my front teeth were hurting.  One prosthodontist tried changing some of what was in my diet.  I guess it was helpful.  The other prosthodontist was able to get the crowns done, and it’s good.  I am a bit concerned that the dental insurance company doesn’t want to pay what they sort of implied they would pay when I selected the dental plan several years ago.  I’m pretty sure that the crowns aren’t as good as real teeth, but they are probably a bit better than the damaged teeth.  I’m not really sure why heath insurance is separate from dental insurance, but oh ell, I guess there are several people who make decisions on teeth and such based on what they can afford.  I think when it comes to health care, cost is not as big of a factor.  Maybe people are more concerned about quality of life issues, and happiness.  I guess smoking is very bad for prospects for keeping one’s teeth.  There are other habits which are also bad.  Most times, the effects of smoking, drinking, and other habits take a while before they manifest in one’s life.  Usually, alcohol will cause issues with one’s liver before the teeth.  Tobacco could show up in one’s lung capacity first.  It seems to me that marijuana should probably also have similar issues, at least when it comes to smoking.  Some people will say that people don’t smoke as much marijuana, as tobacco, but I don’t see people being terribly productive with marijuana.  I guess colorado has legalized the sale and recreational use.  I’m not sure how much they have changed the supply or demand picture.  Some people say that the cost should be much less.  I am not sure.  It seems expensive.  The tax revenue picture for Colorado has probably changed.    


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