For my Birthday

We went to Epcot and Hollywood Studios.  While at Epcot, we ate at the China restaurant 9 Dragons for table service.  We had Spring Rolls, and then had some Sweet and Sour Pork over Spinach Noodles.  We split the entree, and couldn’t eat it all, so we took it back to the room with us.  We had a refrigerator at the room, but not a microwave.  We stayed at Sheraton Lake Buena Vista.  That one night was enough.  The rain event from Pensacola was on the way.  We didn’t know that it would flood out some intersections of Tampa, but we decided to return home that morning, due to the expected rain.  After checking in to the Hotel, we went over to Old Town, and I got a Djambe drum.  Then we went on to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, I wanted to get a carrot cake cookie sandwich at the Writer’s Stop.  It was pretty good.  Not quite as good as the carrot cake bar cake from Publix, which I got when we were back at home.  Then we saw the production of Fantasmic where Mickey Mouse battles his imagination, and villains.  It was a live production, and part of the warnings was that the use of laser pointers is strongly prohibited.  I suppose that someone might have previously used laser pointers, and caused visual disorientation(or whatever).  Hollywood Studios was doing the 25th Anniversary thing that day, so they had special fireworks at 9:30, and the area around the hat near where the fireworks would be was extremely crowded, so we started to leave, beating some of the crowds that were there.  We saw the fireworks from the parking lot, and it was a pretty nice show.  The rain was supposed to be coming, so we checked out that morning, and opted to return home.  We didn’t check out the fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom, which I’ve heard is really supposed to be nice.

I enjoyed my birthday at Walt Disney World, staying off property.  Food is really supposed to be a major part of travel.  We enjoy McDonald’s Sausage McGriddles.  Eating at some restaurants on property has been nice. 


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