Last night, we supported live theatre

We went to go see the performance of The Amorous Ambassador, a play by Michael Parker as performed by Carrollwood Players.  It was a funny play.  Even if it might be somewhat unrealistic.  It most likely is a work of fiction, not based in fact.  Live theatre is usually a good time.  In this fictional account, an American Ambassador to Britain hires a new butler to assist at the house.  The household consists of a daughter, the wife, and the Ambassador.  The intro is that the Ambassador will go spend the weekend in Scottland golfing, the daughter will go spend the weekend with her girlfriend, and the wife will go away at a spa.  Meanwhile, the daughter has a boyfriend over, and the Ambassador has something going on with a next door neighbor.  The embassy has a bomb threat, so a marine head of security relocates to the house along with the Ambassador’s secretary.  The secretary gets super-duper wonderglue on the hands of the butler, who gets his hand glued to the dress of the secretary, and some funniness happened, Similarly, the daughter’s boyfriend dresses up as a girl to play along, and attracts the attention of the Ambassador, and more funniness happens.  The wife comes back and ends up with the marine, while the Bulter pairs with the secretary.  The actors and actresses all did a very nice job, I think.  Carrollwood Players seems to be an interesting part of the economy.  I’m not entirely sure how little groups of players survive.  I would imagine that for many this is a second job.  People probably have different types of employment.  Acting as a career choice probably has different needs for sleep and wakefulness.  


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