French Onion Soup at the Turf Club – Disney’s Saratoga Springs resort

The French Onion Soup at Disney’s Saratoga Springs is very good. We like it anyway. Yesterday, after work, we went to stay one night. We stayed at the Midtown Hilton Garden Inn, kind of removed from the other hotels nearby. It was a good place to stay for a night. We went to Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Castle resort with Tomorrow land, Main Street USA, Adventure land, Frontier land, and whatever else. Disney was open until 6 AM today, I didn’t think we’d make it very long. We rode the train around, and walked around the park for awhile, but we decided to not stay until the 11 pm parade. There were many people who were at the park when we left. Some people were dragging very young kids around, and it was kind of confusing. Oh well. I suppose that children in strollers can sleep.


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