I think we did good tonight

There was a feral (wild) cat at the university, where my wife works, and the wild cat was brought on Campus by students who graduated, and stopped feeding it.  Well, my wife and some of her co-workers had taken after the cat and were also feeding it.  The cat I suppose ate pretty good.  Well, for the last few months, the cat’s health has been declining.  Some vets were consulted, and it was hypothesized that the cat may have had a tumor behind it’s left eye.  The left side eye was shut, and seeping.  The feral cat was clearly in declining health.  I did not have much interaction with said cat, but I was able to pick it up, as it tried to get up and walk away, but only managed to roll over.  Well, we had a borrowed cat trap from another concerned feral cat trapper neighbor, so we put Blackie into the cat trap, and took it to a evening veterinary services place to have the animal not suffer.  It was a sad situation, but our other cats are getting care, and I suppose the feral cat won’t be suffering.  Wild cats generally don’t have as long of a life as the domesticated house cats.  Particularly, the indoor house cats.  Having the ability to have food is important.  Wild animals have a tendancy to be eaten by other wild animals, or at least becoming food for vultures.  Having this veterinary services place that was open in the evenings was interesting.  There were some girls with puppies when we were talking about the cat, deciding what to do.  It was providing a service to people who had other responsibilities during the day.  

Death is something which we all must deal with in others and indeed experience ourselves.  Some religions have different ideas of what happens next.  Some religions teach that the next experience is better, or worse.


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