Last night for dinner

Last night for dinner, I wanted to go out for some meatloaf. Well, I was thinking, Texas Roadhouse had pretty good meatloaf, or maybe it was a chopped steak burger. WE drove up to Texas Roadhouse, but there was a seemingly long line to get in the place, so we were going to go to another place, GrillSmith had good meatloaf, but they were at times busy. Last night was one of those times, so we were at a pedestrian mall like area, and there were several dining options, so we chose to eat at a newer Italian Place called Ciao. We split a pork chop, and we had an appetizer of Bruschetta. The Pork Chop was surprisingly tastier than I first thought it would be. For lunch, Today, we went to Mitchell’s Fish House. I got a carrot cake to go. I’m not sure how the brushetta will be when I try reheating it, but we weren’t able to finish any of the meals. We end up bringing stuff home with us from restaurants most of the time that we eat out. It’s part of life with a lap band. Our smaller stomach cannot eat a regular portion.

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