Blog Talk Radio

Fantastic Frank told me today that he’d welcome me to his blog talk radio show so that I could talk about my idea of a support group using ipads and facetime, or some similar technology.
One of the guys at Baylor health indicated that something along those lines may be happening at that institution. Someone at Santa Clara Medical Center indicated that there’s an ipad study with Telemedicine. And someone at Pittsburgh seemed to indicate that it sounded like a good idea.

I get that some of the blog talk radio stuff is oriented to the West Coast. But I’m on the east coast. I can’t really stay up late to listen in, call in to blog talk radio shows. But it is interesting. I like that I have a job, and I like that I should be able to work long enough to get a retirement. Who knows for sure how the future will work out, but I guess it could be interesting.


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