A play, One Slight Hitch, at American Stage

A play, One Slight Hitch, by Lewis Black, at American Stage. I think we’ve seen several plays centering on marriage. This particular play was acted quite well with a younger sister, and then two other sisters of similar age, one of whom was settling down with a great guy, before the ex boyfriend shows up. As it would turn out, the ex boyfriend was not to leave with woman, nor would the woman merry the new boyfriend. The father renewed vows with the mother, since they had spent so much money on the shrimp boat bowls and had guests arriving. It appeared that much alcohol was consumed in the one afternoon that the wedding would take place. Mostly by the middle sister who seemed to be a nurse who worked at a hospital. I liked the way that the American Stage production took advantage of the sound systems, and used the music of the 1980’s to have the story enhanced.


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