I just had a French Onion Soup from Panera Bread.

I just had a French Onion Soup from Panera Bread. It was surprisingly good. I had checked Panera several times before asking if they had French Onion Soup, and was told that no they did not have that soup, so when I checked the website and menu of Panera, I was pleased to see that they had started having French Onion Soup on the menu. Still, I needed to make sure that the local Panera in fact had that soup, so I called the number listed, and it is a good thing that they do in fact carry the soup. This places French Onion Soup much closer to the house. I am very much pleased. I picked up the to go order, while my wife was waiting in the car for me. I also got two carrot cake muffins. We’ll see. I am very pleased that my neighborhood Panera Bread place is now offering French Onion Soup, in addition to the sandwiches, and other baked goods. Previously the trip to find French Onion Soup would take me across town, to a couple of different restaurants. There was a restaurant in a nearby Embassy Suites, but then French Onion Soup slipped off the menu at that place, and I was back to crossing town for French Onion Soup.

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