In our travels

We’ve passed by a few colleges.  One place we thought was interesting, but didn’t have time to get out and explore was Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, NC.  We were looking for a place to stay the night, and even though the Ritz Carlton in Downtown Charlotte was there, we wouldn’t have fit in.  I guess.  I wonder about colleges, and imparting knowledge to to the students.  The student loan systems and debt taken on can be considerable.  I wonder if one consolidates student debt, pays it off, can one then declare bankruptcy to get out from under that consolidated debt burden?  Who knows?  I am thankful that I did not have to take on much debt when I attended FSU.  I probably could have, but I guess I chose not to live far beyond the means of support.

I’ve heard from some co-workers that once the credit rating gets to be so bad, that getting refinancing becomes improbable.  I wouldn’t know from experience.

I suppose that people can make foolish choices when they are away at from home and making decisions about how to allocate money.

For the trip in Charlotte, we stayed at a hotel near the airport, I guess, it was near the road system, and it was comfortable.  We only stayed a night, but it was good.  I came to realize that while a pint of ice cream at the hotel might be twice as expensive as a pint at a grocery store, the hotel has location and convenience on its side.  I guess parking in downtown Charlotte could be tricky to out of towners.  Som time, I might want to walk around some hotel lobbies.  Universities try to enforce parking regulations as a way to help generate income, and whatever, I guess, probably similar with other municipalites and associated organizations.

We did the valet parking thing while in San Antonio (rental car), at the hotel on the river walk.  The city was hot in San Antonio, so we didn’t do much, but we did walk briefly around the area.  We ate at the hotel.  It was pretty good.  The breakfast was pretty good as well.  Again, a pint of Hagen Daas was more expensive, but oh well.

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