TBI Survivor Marty #5

Published on Sep 2, 2012

TBI Survivor Marty #5, I think, Oh well.

Yesterday was eventful, we went to OldTown, which is a little touristy row for selling T-shirts and they have rides. I liked one t-shirt in particular there, it says “Peace Love & Sunshine” then it also has “Florida” printed underneath. The screen print was done on some Tie Dye t-shirts. I like it. The phrase “Peace Love and Sunshine” is really a positive one. Initially, I had wanted to go spend some time at EPCOT after we had picked up my t-shit, but as things happened, we didn’t get to that. While at Old Town, we stopped in at Black Market Minerals again, and Fran got some bargains, I picked up a nice speed tambourine. We then went to Celebration, which is a nice suburb outside of Disney, which has a few hotels, and some houses and condos. It is a fun highly walkable area. If money were no object, that might be a nice place to have a second home. We looked at an open house while we were there, but in addition to being too expensive, the place was also too large. We had a Kilwins Ice Cream while at Celebration. Then we went to Downtown Disney where we hung out and listened to some live music. We also observed that some people were wearing Pajama Jeans out in public, which I guess is okay, but Fran says, “they really shouldn’t be wearing that.” Around 8:30 that night, I started to feel tired. It would have been different had we been staying at a hotel nearby, but I knew we had another hour and a half ride back to Tampa, so I started us on the way home. Fran commented on the moon. I agreed, it was very pretty.

When disabled people recognize that they are tired, and need to go, it’s generally a good idea not to keep going.

In other news, I’ve received some feedback referring to this series as Marty’s Ministry. It is kind of interesting to think about it that way. It is mostly just my wanting to spread the message that there is life following an accident. If others can observe some of these messages and get something out of them, then it is so much better. I guess there are a number of medical conditions which could be somewhat similar to Traumatic Brain Injury.

The opposite of peace and love is war and hate. To my way of thinking, hate is such a strong emotion, it is probably physically draining and unproductive to hate.

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