TBI Survivor Marty #6

Published on Sep 3, 2012

TBI Survivor Marty #6

Heh, the irony about what I am about to say. It’s delicious. I’ve read information that sleep is very important. I recognize how in myself, that I can’t do a very good job of pushing myself to go without sleep. Some may think, where’s the problem with that? If you get enough sleep, then it should be good. Yes, but time spent sleeping is time where one is not as productive as other times. I remember being young, when I could do a moderate job staying up late , but how much of memories is really real? Who knows? I guess the body tends to wake up near an approximate time on most days, if I let it. I like that I married a woman who is supportive of me, and she understands. I guess the wakey up thing is called a circadian rhythm which is maybe a bit helpful to realize that it might be a normal thing. Maybe it’s not, but I guess it is okay. I accept it for it is what it is.

Thank you.

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