I wish there were a better way

https://www.facebook.com/mybraininjuryrecoveryandadvocacy/ I am not sure if the page visited at Facebook requires one to sign up for a Facebook account or not.  I think some people might not like to interact with Facebook, but might be on the web.  I am okay with this being a very small niche group of people.  Fortunately, many people are not impacted by the loss associated with brain injuries (including stroke).

The group I attended at a nearby university was very interesting.  It was a small group, and I am a higher functioning individual of the group.  It is important that others see that there are different levels of recovery and different levels of activity.  There is a saying, “If you have seen one brain Injury, you have seen one brain injury.”  Everyones journey is different, even though some obstacles are similar.

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