Million Dollar Murray

I think of the million dollar Murray story less primarily about homelessness than about brain injury.  In my million dollar Murray consideration of things, I think that it is pretty easy to spend a million dollars on healthcare over a lifetime.

How many head injured (Brain Injured) individuals will likely end up with a million dollars spent on healthcare over their lifetime?

I want to do more with brain injured veterans treated by our Department of Veterans Affairs (86,000 for FY 16, 141,900 for FY 15 according to some numbers pulled).

Providing knowledge about the conditions and likely outcomes if certain choices are made might be beneficial.  Alcoholism and Drug addiction are issues which complicate things, in addition to homelessness, but more can be done to inform people with brain injuries, and engage with them, get them excited about using technology.

Connect them to others so that they can see they are not alone in dealing with issues.  Isolation is a big thing with brain injury survivors.

I appreciate that I have no idea about what a million dollars of healthcare looks like.

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