Brain Injury Recovery


First of all, I want to say you are not alone.  It may feel like it at times, but please realize that there are several people who have gone through similar events.

Some people say that each brain is different, each brain injury is different.  Your milage may vary.  Further, they say that multiple brain injuries can be incredibly more damaging than the first brain injury.  A brain injury can be as simple as a concussion, to a complicated closed head injury resulting in an extended period of time in a coma, and even to a gunshot to the head where a bullet penetrates the skull.

Memories around the event could be affected, some cases require remastery of almost all skills previously learned.

There should be a number of people who care about you, and genuinely want to see you succeed.

Most likely, some people will not be your friend.  Realize that it probably says more about them than it says about you.


Many people with brain injuries experience some degree of problems with walking.  Whether it is something big such as difficulty moving legs, or getting more easily distracted, caution should probably be paid a bit more than usual.  Also, there could be problems with equilibrium, or varieties of other issues.

Further complicating things, falls are a major cause of TBIs.


Today we volunteered at the Chalk Walk in Hyde Park Village nearer Downtown Tampa.  Mostly it was my wife who wanted to help out a co-worker who was organizing some event for a non profit organization or whatever.  While there, a volunteer informed me that he also was a stroke survivor of some time ago.  Fortunately, as he mentioned, he was able to get taken to a hospital quickly, and they were able to help him.

I know that there are general similarities between stroke survivors, and TBI survivors.  I’m not entirely sure what they are, but it is interesting.  I recall a co-worker friend telling me that Gabby Giffords will probably have a recovery course very similar to other people who have experienced strokes, as the progression patterns for Stroke patients and penetrating head injuries tend to be somewhat similar.

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