Well, I started a group on Facebook

After wondering why there wasn’t a Facebook group focused on survivors’ successes, I went ahead and started one.  Even though the group could still go sideways, it hasn’t yet.  I’ve not had to be particularly heavy handed.  The group https://www.facebook.com/groups/TBISS/ seems to be going nicely.  It is a closed group.  A brain injury is a brain injury to my way of thinking, it doesn’t really matter how one got it.  The important thing is that we are surviving.  I am a TBI survivor, and I want to share my little successes, count my small victories, and perhaps help others to realize that great things are still possible.

Technology, toys, music, and Apple

I like the technology and toys that Apple has brought together with the Beats headphones, paired with my Mac Book Pro.  The bluetooth technology is probably pretty old, as is my Mac Book Pro, but it still works, the Beats Headphones are fairly recent purchases, but who knows, I like the combination.  The ability to listen to YouTube playing at a page while typing is pretty cool.