First and foremost, I am a sum of all the experiences that have happened to me, or at least many of the experiences which have happened to me.
Chiefly, I choose to identify myself as a traumatic brain injury survivor.  When I was eleven years old, I was hit by a car and comatose for 52 days or so, and then I proceeded the long slow road back to rejoin the land of the living.
Fortunately, my academic progression did not suffer too much undue hardship.  I had a wonderful support structure in the Catholic School that I attended for a few years when we were living in Ocean View Virginia, and I had my accident.
I guess I could wax philosophical and place things very much in the “What Would Jesus Do”  framework, and then perhaps I could see more wisdom guiding my initial academic progression decisions.  I was a good kid.  I suppose that difficult things happen to some people to help others with perceptions.

Some of us are supposed to help others through situations, or merely to act as examples that the future is a possibility.  I don’t have solid beliefs that these words will find someone, but I am hopeful.

When I was attending FSU, and left largely to my own devices for making decisions regarding my future, I chose librarianship, as a career path that I’d like to pursue.  I didn’t really want to be a traditional librarian, but I wanted to work with some aspect of the information architecture that is our social knowledge.

In my office is a poster that says “a culture is formed by and reflective of the knowledge that underlies it.”  The picture shows a city, with a card catalog underground repesenting the many books typically found in many libraries.

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