TBIs and impulsivity

A coworker commented that boy when you get something in your head, you don’t goof around. I acknowledged, yes, TBIs (Traumatic Brain Injured individuals) have a bit of difficulty with impulsivity.  This relates to the new car we bought last night.  I was only asking the coworkers yesterday about what cars they’ve been driving, how their satisfaction was.  The car process has been going on for a bit longer than that.  I liked the Passat TDI’s range on a single tank of diesel.  But electrical components started going weird.  Maybe fixing the electrical components would have been cheaper, but who knows?  Arguably, the VW repair shops could get busy for awhile.

Car salesmen sell cars.  That’s what they do.  I get that they are in this to make a buck, like the rest of us.  The TDI models of VW will likely be impacted for awhile.  Even though the particular model was not on the moratorium list, a broad brush will likely be used to paint.

I like the car, and Fran likes the car.  We got a new Honda Accord EXL.    It is a goldish color.  We had not seen that many on the road before, but maybe that will change now that we are driving around.  Probably won’t, but one does not know.

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