The conference in DC was great!

I had a great time attending the conference in Washington DC.  The flights up and back were uneventful.  Solo travel can always be concerning.  Not driving is a small limitation for many things.  But life can be okay.  The hotel in DC was expensive, but I suppose that many hotels are expensive.  Being invited to present at the MTBI conference was an honor.  Listening to the presentations by some experts in the field was neat.

Perhaps I was a bit too much of an Apple enthusiast fanboy, gushing about how the iPad could be helpful as an all-in-one Tablet.  Of course, maybe the fact that it was at the IBM building influenced some resistance to the idea.   Perhaps resistance is an improper word.  Non-committal.

There was a question if there was anything special about the iPad, if other devices could be used.  Yes other devices can be used, but in my experience, some limitations probably exist if there are other devices issued.  Providing support to a homogenous group would be easier.

I’d really like for there to be more use of video teleconferencing through facetime, but there are issues with alienating google android users.   Trying to keep things as simple as possible, it would be nice if there could be more video services trying to help spread awareness that TBI survivors are not alone in their struggles.

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